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Waterbased Coatings To Fit Every Need.

Waterbased or Aqueous(AQ) coatings fulfill a variety of needs for the printing, converting and packaging industries.  Waterbased coatings can be used to provide a visual aesthetic, abrasion/rub resistance, controlled COF and many other functional or decorative properties.  The quick film speed-of-dry contributes to faster press-speeds, shorter turn-around times and quicker processing of coated materials. These coatings are considered ‘green’ and environmentally-friendly as the VOC content is generally very low or negligible in quantity.  Additionally, waterbased coated paper is easily recyclable and repulpable. Waterbased coated materials are non-yellowing and possess no residual odor compared to OPV’s.  Markets served would include: Commercial Printing, Folding-Carton, Label, Food Service, Corrugated and Flexible Packaging.  Waterbased coatings can be applied over almost all ink types utilizing applications methods including: flexo/anilox, gravure, ink-train and roller-coaters or variations of these.  Coatings and Adhesives Corporation manufactures a wide variety of coatings suitable for use on most substrate types.

  • High Gloss
  • High Abrasion/Rub Resistant
  • Work & Turn
  • Matte/Satin/Semi-gloss
  • Primers Coatings for UV and Film Lamination
  • Heat Resistant
  • Non Skid & Controlled COF
  • FDA Compliant
  • Low Migration
  • Barrier
  • Softfeel
  • Pearlescent/Glitter/Grit
  • Foil & Plastic Substrates
  • Specialty Substrates
  • Ink-train
  • Custom Developed Coatings for Specific Customer Requirement

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Waterbased Coatings

A fast drying and environmentally friendly option for commercial printing projects.

Energy-Cured Coatings

Instant curing and premium resistance properties, perfect for print formats.

Adhesive Products

Performance driven products that focus on protecting what’s inside.

Polymer Products

A fully integrated producer of polymers for multiple markets, including new and specialty applications.

Digital Coatings

Coatings and Adhesives supplies a wide variety of waterbased and UV coatings to work successfully over a wide variety of digital printing applications.

Coating Calculators

Formulate an accurate estimate for your waterbased and UV/EB coating usage or custom formulate products specifically tailored to your application with our industry standard coating calculators.