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Doing what is right for the environment is nothing new to us at Coatings & Adhesives Corporation.  Since our inception, CAC was founded on the principle of formulating and manufacturing Environmentally-Friendly coatings and adhesives products.  Coatings & Adhesives Corporation has long been the industry leader in the development and manufacturing of low VOC and HAPs free coating and adhesive products for the printing/packaging industries.

As the Market Leader in supplying coatings and adhesives to the Graphic Arts Community, we are committed to leading our industry in providing products that minimize our impact on the environment, while working with our Customers to maintain the level of innovation, technical expertise, quality and performance that they have come to expect from our products.


Circular Economy


Being Part of the Solution

We understand that sometimes the best path from point A to B is not a straight-line, but rather a circle.  At CAC, we understand that coatings play an essential role in the reduction, reuse, and recycling of print/packaging.  Keeping the materials that we develop and use in circulation for as long as possible is an important way to perpetuate sustainability and minimize our short and long-term impact on the environment.  Creating products that can be used in recyclable and repulpable print and packaging designs allows us to be contributors to the overall solution of a cleaner and healthier environment. 


Sometimes the solution means ‘out with the old, in with the new’.  Developing innovative products to replace materials that have proven to be difficult if not impossible to recycle/repulp is a benefit in assuring a print/package has additional benefit to the circular ecosystem and does not become ‘single-use’.  The development of waterbased coatings to replace PE (Polyethylene) coated substates and film-lamination to impart barrier properties is an excellent example of perpetuating the benefits of a print/packaging piece by repurposing through recycling/repulping.


By developing and manufacturing protective coatings, the ‘shelf-life’ of a print/package can be extended beyond what would be expected without the benefit of using a protective coating.  This not only extends the usefulness/functionality of the print/package to prevent spoilage, it helps to mitigate the need for replacement and redundancy that would otherwise be unnecessary waste.


Recyclability in packaging, while once primarily used as a marketing tool, is now an absolute necessity in today’s world.  As part of a circular ecosystem, a print/package design must be capable of repurposing through recycling/repulping.  The development and manufacturing of our coating products contributes to the ‘re-use’ rather than ‘end-use’.


While the perpetuation of a print/package through recycling/repulping is the ideal scenario, we also recognize that all things come to an end.  When the time comes for a print/package to not be recycled for repurposing, there is value in knowing that our coatings aid in creating a compostable print/package by ensuring that the coatings do not inhibit or interfere with the substrate degradation/compostability in the long-term.


As chemical-substance regulations continue to add significant complexity for the print/packaging industry, our proactive and responsible approach to addressing these changes has never wavered.  Our ability to react to regulatory changes and concerns to meet the needs of our industry and Customers has always been a strength for CAC.  From our beginnings in the development of reduced-VOC/HAPs-free products to addressing the most recent regulatory standards, our expertise in the area of product development allows CAC to meet these needs in a timely and effective manner.

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A fast drying and environmentally friendly option for commercial printing projects.

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A fully integrated producer of polymers for multiple markets, including new and specialty applications.

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Coatings and Adhesives supplies a wide variety of waterbased and UV coatings to work successfully over a wide variety of digital printing applications.

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