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When unsurpassed coatings features are required.

UV and EB coatings are available when unsurpassed decorative and functional coating features are required. These coatings provide instant curing and premium resistance properties allowing them to be used in a wide variety of print markets including; Commercial Printing, Folding Carton, Tag & Label, Flexible Packaging, Beverage, Screen and Container. Coatings are available for almost every coating application including flexo/anilox, gravure, ink-train and roller coaters or variations of these, used in in-line or off-line applications.

  • High-Gloss UV In-line Paper & Board Coatings
  • High-Gloss UV Off-line Paper & Board Coatings
  • Folding Carton UV Coatings
  • Flexible, Low Odor, Low Migration Coatings
  • Screen Applied UV Coatings
  • Matte/Satin UV Coatings
  • Label Coatings and Narrow Label Coatings
  • Card UV Coatings
  • Imprintable, Glueable and Stampable UV Coatings
  • Synthetic Substrate UV Coatings
  • EB Coatings
  • Renewable Vegetable Based UV Coatings
  • HUV Coatings
  • Raised Image
  • Tactile
  • Special effects
  • Strike Thru and Reticulation OPV’s
  • UV Coating White

UV/EB Coatings provide instant curing that can be applied to virtually any printable substrate and since the coatings do not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) they can be used in compliance with Clean Air Standards and offer Printers an attractive alternative material where VOC reduction is required.

Download MSD Sheets and Technical Data Sheets here.

Water Based Coatings

A fast drying and environmentally friendly option for commercial printing projects.

UV & EB Coatings

Instant curing and premium resistance properties, perfect for print formats.

Adhesive Products

Performance driven products that focus on protecting what’s inside.

Polymer Products

A fully integrated producer of polymers for multiple markets, including new and specialty applications.

Digital Coating

Coatings and Adhesives supplies a wide variety of waterbased and UV coatings to work successfully over a wide variety of digital printing applications.

Coating Calculators

Formulate an accurate estimate for your waterbased and UV/EB coating usage or custom formulate products specifically tailored to your application with our industry standard coating calculators.